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Clever Girls of Our Time and How They Became Famous Women; Whose Lives Furnish an Incentive and Encouragement to Effort and Endurance, and Whose Example Stimulates to Industry and Perseverance.

  • eminent models, modern periods
  • girlhood
  • good character or deeds

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1B14851Clara Novello
2B14852Elizabeth Barrett Browning
3B14853Elizabeth Smith
4B14854Catherine Hayes
5B14855Julia Pardoe
6B14856Caroline Norton
7B14857Eliza Cook
8B14858Mme Malibran
9B14859Agnes Strickland
10B14860Angelica Kauffman
11B14861Elizabeth Carter
12B14862Fanny Corbaux
13B14863Harriet Hosmer
14B14864Frederica Bremer
15B14865Frances Brown
16B14866Lucretia M Davidson
17B14867Catherine Macaulay
18B14868Ida Pfeiffer
19B14869Mary Thorneycroft
20B14870Mrs. Grant
21B14871Sarah Martin.


  1. Joseph Johnson · Author


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