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Memoirs of the Loves of the Poets.

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1B27136A Poet's Love
2B27137Loves the Classic Poets
3B14777The Loves of the Troubadours
4B27138The Loves the Troubadours. Continued
5B14778Guido Cavalcanti and Mandetta, Cino da Pistoja and Selvaggia
7B14781Laura and Petrarch (continued)
8B14782On the Love of Dante for Beatrice Portinari
9B27139Dante and Beatrice. Continued.
10B14783Chaucer and Philippa Picard - King James and Lady Jane Beaufort
11B14785Lorenzo de Medici and Lucretia Donati
12B14786The Fair Geraldine
13B14787Ariosto, Ginevra, and Alessandra Strozzi
14B14788Spenser’s Rosalind and Spenser's Elizabeth
15B14790On the Love of Shakespeare
16B14791Sydney’s Stella (Lady Rich)
17B14792Court and Age of Elizabeth: Drayton, Daniel, Drummond, Mary Queen of Scots, Marot and Diana de Poictiers, Ronsard’s Cassandre, Ronsard’s Marie, Ronsard’s Helene
18B14793Leonora d’Este
19B14794Milton and Leonora Baroni
20B14795Carew's Celia - Lucy Sacheverel
21B14796Waller’s Sacharissa
22B14797Beauties and Poets in the Reign of Charles I
23B14798Conjugal Poetry: Ovid and Perilla, Seneca’s Paulina, Sulpicia, Clotilde de Surville
24B14799Conjugal Poetry, Continued: Vittoria Colonna
25B14800Conjugal Poetry, Continued: Veronica Gambara, Camilla Valentini, Portia Rota, Castiglione
26B14801Conjugal Poetry, Continued: Doctor Donne and his Wife
27B14802Conjugal Poetry, Continued: Habington’s Castara
28B14803Conjugal Poetry, Continued: The Two Zappi
29B14804Conjugal Poetry, Continued: Lord Lyttelton, Prince Frederick, Doctor Parnel
30B14805Conjugal Poetry, Continued: Klopstock and Meta
31B27314Conjugal Poetry, Continued: Bonnie Jean; Highland Mary; Loves of Burns
32B14806Monti and his Wife
33B14807Poets and Beauties, from Charles II. to Queen Anne
34B14810Stella and Vanessa
35B14811Pope and Martha Blount
36B14812Pope and Lady M. W. Montagu
37B14813Poetical Old Bachelors: Gray, Collins, Thomson, Hammond
38B14814French Poets:Voltaire and Madame du Châtelet
39B14815French Poetry, Continued: Madame d’Houdetot
40B14816Heroines of Modern Poetry


  1. Anna Brownell Jameson · Author


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