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Women of Versailles: The Court of Louis XV.

  • Courtly circles, associated with royal sovereigns
  • French

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1B14677Marie Anne Victoire
2B14678Marie Leczinska
3B14679Marquise de Prie
4B14680The King Faithful to the Queen
5B14681Countess de Mailly
6B14682Countess de Vintimille
7B14683Countess de Mailly
8B14684Duchess de Mailly
9B14685Duchess de Chateauroux
10B14686Madame de Pompadour
11B14687Madame de Pompadour
12B14688Marie Leczinska
13B14689Marie Josephe of Saxony


  1. Baron Arthur Léon Imbert de Saint-Amand · Author
  2. Elizabeth Gilbert Martin · Translator


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