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The Mothers of Great Men and Women, and Some Wives of Great Men.

  • mothers of great men
  • Wives of Great Men

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1B14350Mary Washington
2B14351Mother of Mendelssohn
3B14352Mother of Napoleon
4B14353Monica, Mother of St. Augustine
5B14354Abraham Lincoln's Mother
6B14355Charles Dickens's Mother
7B14356Mother of Wesley
8B14357Charles Lamb's Mother
9B14358Thackeray's Mother
10B14359Cornelia, Mother of the Gracchi
11B14360Lord Byron's Mother
12B14361Mother of Rev. John Newton
13B14362Mother of Martin Luther
14B14363Mother of Stonewall Jackson
15B14364Mother of Cowper
16B14365Mother of Goethe
17B14366Mother of the Napiers
18B14367Jean Paul Richter's Mother
19B14368Madame Necker, the Mother of Madame de Staël
20B14369Mother and wife of Shakspeare
21B14370Mother of Beethoven
22B14371Mother of Sheridan
23B14372Frances Trollope
24B14373Lady Beaconsfield
25B14374Mother of Garfield
26B14375Mother of Alexander von Humboldt
27B14376Wife of Lord William Russell
28B14377Mother of Lamartine
29B14378Milton's Wives
30B14379Mother of Carlyle
31B14380Johnson's Mother and Wife
32B14381Mothers of Antiquity
33B14382Marie Antoinette as Wife and Mother
34B14383Mother of Burns
35B14384Short sketches of some wives and mothers
36B14385Abigail Adams


  1. Laura Carter Holloway · Author


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