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Embroidered Gauze: Portraits of Famous Chinese Ladies.

  • Asia, East
  • national, several periods

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1B14200Wives, concubines and courtesans
2B14201The most beautiful of Chinese women: Hsi Shih
3B14202A despotic empress: Lu Hou
4B14203A feminist of long ago: Pan Chao
5B14204Princesses in exile
6B14205Wu Hou: empress of the Tang dynasty
7B14206The beloved of an emperor: Yang Kuei-fei
8B14207A Taoist nun: Yu Hsuan-chi
9B14208Precious Pearl: empress of the Ming dynasty
10B14209The perfumed princess: Hsiang Fei
11B14210The last great ruler of China: Tz'u Hsi


  1. Mrs. Eloise Talcott Hibbert · Author


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