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Heroines of the Cross and Faith

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1B20498Heroines of the Cross
2B20499The First Woman Missionary - Mrs. Judson in Burmah
3B20500A Widow's Work - Mrs. Thompson in Syria
4B20501The Children for Christ - Fidelia Fiske in Persia
5B20502"Sitt Mariam" - Mary Louisa Whately in Egypt
6B20503A Mother in Israel - Mrs. Gobat in Abyssinia and Palestine
7B20504Fifty Years in the Mission Field - Mrs. Moffat in South America
8B20505The White Mother - Mrs. Hinderer in Yoruba
9B20506In Trials Often - Mrs. Wakefield in East Africa
10B20507Among the Cannibals - Women's Work in the South Seas
11B20508The Sole Survivor - Mrs. Jones in the West Indies
12B20509Mission Work in Tents - Mrs. Gilmour in Mongolia
13B20510The Chieftainess - Mrs. Wilkinson Among the Zulus
14B20511The Martyrs of Ku-Chang - Mrs. Stewart in China
15B20512The Story of Pandita Ramabai - The Friend of India's Widows and Orphans
16B20513Mary Slessor of Calabar


  1. Frank Mundell · Author


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