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Women in War.

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1B13654I. The Amazons in ancient and modern times - Miss Beebe Beam - Senora Loreta Velasquez - Women who have served in the British Army, disguising their sex - Christian Davies - Hannah Snell - Mary Anne Talbot - Dr. James Barry, Inspector-General of Army Hospitals
2B13655II. The Amazons of France - The real Mme. Sans-Gene - Bernadotte's admiration for her - Her ultimate marriage to a gendarme - Virginie Ghesquiere - Angelique Brulon - Marie Schellinck - Liberte Barrau - Felicite and Theophile Fernig, the heroines of Jemmappes - Felicite's romantic marriage - Theophile's secret sorrow
3B13656III. The Vivandieres - Heroines of the Retreat from Moscow - Heroines of the War from 1870-71 - Annette Drevon - Jeanne Bonnemere - Madame Jarrethout, the Mother of the Volunteers - Louise de Beaulieu.
4B13657IV. The courageous exploit of Mlle Juliette Dodu, of the Telegraph Service, in the Franco-German War - Mlle Wipper and Mlle Meyer of the same service
5B13658V. Women in the Russian Campaign of 1812 - Elizabeth Hatzler, the dragoon - Josephine Trinquart, the cantiniere - Women at the crossing of the Beresina - Nidia, the mistress of General Montbrun - Adventures of the actresses at the Moscow theatre - Mme Verteuil - Aurore de Bursay - The Reminisicences of Mme Domergue
6B13659VI. Louise Fusil of the Moscow Theatre - Her performance before Napoleon during the occupation - Her return with the Grande Armee - Her narrow escape from death - Her adoption of a foundling - Nadeje, the Orphan of Vilna - Her dramatic talents and untimely death
7B13660VII. Deborah - Boadicea - Genevieve - Fredegonde - Hermangarde - Julienne de Breteuil - Eleanor of Guienne - Guirande de Lavaur - Jeanne de Montfort
8B13661VIII. Matilda of Tuscany - How she brought the Emperor to Canossa - Jeanne d'Arc - The state of France during her childhood - Voices and Visions - Her interview with Robert de Baudricourt - Summoned to the King at Chinon - Inquiries of the ecclesiastics into her bona fide - The examiners satisfied and the Maid launched upon her mission
9B13662IX. The nature of the Maid's enterprise - The march to Orleans - Orleans entered - The English siege-works attacked - The siege raised
10B13663X. Theological treatises on the Maid's mission - Disputes between rival historians as to her military capacity - The power of faith - The march to Reims and the coronation of the King of France
11B13664XI. After the coronation - Vicissitudes of fortune - Failure of the attack on Paris - Rival prophetesses - Capture of the Maid at Compiegne - Failure of the French to ransom her - Her trial and execution at Rouen
12B13665XII. False Maids arise after Jeanne's death - Jeanne de Armoises - The Maid of Sarmaize - The Maid of Le Mans - Other women fighters - Isabeau de Lorraine - Marguerite de Bressieux - Jeanne Hachette - The Lady of Bretigny
13B13666XIII. End of the Middle Ages - Wars of the Roses - Queen Margaret - Her exploits in the field - Her abdication and sorrowful old age
14B13667XIV. The wars of religion at the time of the Reformation - Women who helped in the defense of besieged cities - Ameliane du Puget - Jeanne Maillotte - Others - Louise Labe, the poetess - Kenau Hasselaar - Her services during the siege of Haarlem by the Spaniards
15B13668XV. The wars of the Fronde - The Fronde of the Parlement and the Fronde of the Noble Lords - Part played in the war by Mlle de Montpensier - Her friendship for the great Conde - Her dash for Orleans - Her return to Paris
16B13669XVI. Attack on Paris by Turenne - Mlle de Montpensier points the guns on his army - Disappointment of her matrimonial ambitions - Peace concluded without her consent - Fear, flight and nervous breakdown
17B13670XVII. Madame de Longueville, sister of the great Conde - Her attempt to raise Normandy - Her escape from Dieppe - Her defense of Bordeaux - Her repentance in her old age, and her devout religious observances
18B13671XVIII. The insurrection in La Vendee - Various women warriors - Mme de Larochejaquelein - Success and failure - The crossing of the Loire
19B13672XIX. The check at Granville - The check at Angers - Dispersal of the royalist army - Mme de Larochejaquelein in hiding - Thermidor and the subsequent amnesty
20B13673XX. The Duchesse de Berry - Her attempt to raise La Vendee for the Comte de Chambord - Failure of her friends to dissuade her - The rising - Defeat - Mme de Berry seeks a hiding place at Nantes
21B13674XXI. Mme de Berry in hiding - Her betrayal by the Jew Deutz - Her discovery in a secret chamber by the gendarmes - Her arrest and removal to prison - How Deutz received the reward of his treachery
22B13675XXII. The Empress Eugenie - Did she "make" the Franco-German War? - The news of Sedan in Paris - Outbreak of the Revolution - Flight of the Empress from the Tuilieres - Her appeal to Dr. Evans - The drive to Deauville - The crossing of the Channel in Sir John Burgoyne's yacht
23B13676XXIII. Catherine the Great of Russia - Her civil war against her husband - His discomfiture, arrest, abdication, and death in prison - Was he murdered there? - Was Catherine responsible?
24B13677XXIV. Spanish wars - The Maid of Saragossa - The shooting of Cabrera's mother and other hostages in the Carlist War - The nuns of Seville - The termagants of Barcelona
25B13678XXV. Queen Cristina of Spain and General Espartero - General Leon's attempt to kidnap Queen Isabella - Fighting on the palace staircase - Gallant defense by thr Halberdiers - Capture and execution of General Leon - Further fighting in 1854 and 1866 - The Revolution of 1868
26B13679XXVI. Women in war in India - Cawnpore - Details of the seige and massacre
27B13680XXVII. The First Afghan War - The retreat through the Khyber Pass - The massacre - Extracts from Lady Sale's Diary
28B13681XXVIII. Woman as pacifist - Baroness von Suttner as controversialist and novelist - The value of Die Waffen Nieder!
29B13682XXIX. Florence Nightingale - How she prepared herself for her life's work, and how she performed it - Her courage - Her thoroughness - Her modesty - Her supreme title to immortal fame


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