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Some Eminent Women of Our Times: Short Biographical Sketches.

  • eminent models, modern periods
  • post-1750 achievements

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1B13198Elizabeth Fry
2B13199Mary Carpenter
3B13200Caroline Herschel
4B13201Sarah Martin
5B13202Mary Somerville
6B13203Queen Victoria
7B13204Harriet Martineau
8B13205Florence Nightingale
9B13206Mary Lamb
10B13207Agnes Elizabeth Jones
11B13208Charlotte and Emily Brontë
12B13209Elizabeth Barrett Browning
13B13210Lady Sale and Her Fellow-Hostages in Afghanistan
14B13211Elizabeth Gilbert
15B13212Jane Austen
16B13213Maria Edgeworth
17B13214Queen Louisa of Prussia
18B13215Dorothy Wordsworth
19B13216Sister Dora
20B13217Mrs. Barbauld
21B13218Joanna Baillie
22B13219Hannah More
23B13220The American Abolitionists: Prudence Crandall and Lucretia Mott.


  1. Millicent Garrett Fawcett · Author


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