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Heroines of Missionary Adventure: True Stories of the Intrepid Bravery and Patient Endurance of Missionaries in Their Encounters with Uncivilized Man, Wild Beasts, and the Forces of Nature in All Parts of the World.

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1B12522Mrs. Duff
2B12523Mrs. Robert Clark
4B12525Fanny Butler
5B12526Mary Reed
6B12527Irene Petrie
7B12528Alice Marvel
8B12529Mrs. Hudson Taylor and Mrs. Polhill
9B12530The Martyrs of Hwa-Sang
10B12531Louisa Stewart
11B12532Some Chinese Martyrs
12B12533Mrs. McDougall
13B12534Mrs. Bowen Thompson
14B12535Fidelia Fiske
15B12536Mrs. Krapf
16B12537Anna Hinderer
17B12538Madame Coillard
18B12539Rebecca Wakefield
19B12540Mrs. Green
20B12541Mrs. Bishop
21B12542Mother Cecile
22B12543Frances Jervis Shaw
23B12544Mary Louisa Whately
24B12545Hansina Christina Hinz
25B12546Mrs. Ridley
26B12547Martha Croll
27B12548Among the “Blackfellows” of North Australia


  1. Rev Edwin Collas Dawson · Author


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