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Noble Deeds of American Women: With Biographical Sketches of Some of the More Prominent.

  • American colonial
  • national, several periods

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1B21726Mother of Washington
2B21727Wife of Washington
3B21728Wife of John Adams
4B21729Ann H. Judson
5B21730Humanity of Hartford Ladies
6B21731Mother Bailey
7B21732Elizabeth Heard
8B21733Ladies of Philadelphia in 1780
9B21734Wife of President Reed
10B21735Completion of Bunker Hill Monument
11B21736Lydia Darrah
12B21737Widow Storey
13B21738Mrs. Hendee
14B21739Patriotic Women of Old Middlesex
15B21740The Cacique’s Noble Daughter
16B21741Humane Spirit of a Forest Maid
17B21742Hannah Dustin
18B21743The Heroines of Bryant’s Station
19B21744Mrs. Daviess
20B21745A Kentucky Amazon
21B21746Dicey Langston
22B21747Rebecca Motte
23B21748Another Sacrifice for Freedom
24B21749A Patriotic Donation
25B21750The Little Black-eyed Rebel
26B21751The Benevolent Quakeress
27B21752A Pioneer in Sunday Schools
28B21753The Women of Wyoming
29B21754Mary Gould
30B21755The Mother of President Polk
31B21756Trials of a Patriot
32B21757Intrepidy of Mrs. Israel
33B21758Incident in Missionary Life
34B21759A Kind-hearted Chippewa
35B21760Humanity of a Cherokee
36B21761Salf-sacrificing Spirit of the Missionary
37B21762Daring Exploit of Two Rebels
38B21763Elizabeth Martin
39B21764The Mother’s Effectual Petition
40B21765Noteworthy Integrity
41B21766A Faithful Mother
42B21767Mrs. Spaulding
43B21768Wife of Colonel Thomas
44B21769Exemplary Piety
45B21770Adventure of a Patriotic Girl
46B21771Mrs. Caldwell and the Tories
47B21772Mother of Randolph
48B21773Cornelia Beekman
49B21774Mother of West
50B21775Heroic Endurance
51B21776Maternal Heroism
52B21777A Modern Dorcas
53B21778Sarah Hoffman
54B21779Heroism of Scoharie Women
55B21780A Sterling Patriot
56B21781Heroic Conduct at Monmouth
57B21782Courage of a Country Girl
58B21783The Ledyards at Fort Griswold
59B21784Seneca Heroines
60B21785Martha Bratton
61B21786A Poor Woman’s Offering
62B21787Mother of Jackson
63B21788Heroine of Fort Henry
64B21789A Benevolent Widow
65B21790Anne Fitzhugh
66B21791Esther Gaston
67B21792Remarkable Presence of a Mind
68B21793Wife of Governor Griswold
69B21794Bold Exploit of a Young Girl
70B21795Susanna Wright
71B21796Patriotism of 1770
72B21797Mrs. Spaulding
73B21798Mrs. Dillard
74B21799Phoebe Phillips
75B21800Example of a Poor Widow
76B21801Elizabeth Estaugh
77B21802Kate Moore
78B21803Captivity of Mrs. Rowlandson
79B21804Mrs. Bozarth
80B21805Heroine of Steel Creek
81B21806Benevolence of a Colored Woman
82B21807Rebecca Edwards
83B21808The Beautiful Rebel
84B21809Harriet B. Stewart
85B21810A Kind and Benevolent Woman
86B21811Noble Example of Pioneers
87B21812Mrs. Slocumb
88B21813Wife of Captain Richardson
89B21814Striking Instance of Patience
90B21815Susannah Elliott
91B21816Anna Elliott
92B21817Patriotic Strategem
93B21818Influence of a Faithful Teacher
94B21819Wife of Thomas Heyward
95B21820Noble Decision
96B21821A Tennessee Heroine
97B21822Mrs. M’Kay
98B21823Heroic Conduct of a Daughter
99B21824Heroic Decision
100B21825Daughter of Aaron Burr
101B21826Female Intrepidity
102B21827Wife of Richard Shubrick
103B21828Keen Retort of Mrs. Ashe
104B21829Wife of a Drunkard
105B21830Mother of Dr. Dwight
106B21831Happy Results of Maternal Fidelity
107B21832Wonderful Endurance and Perseverance of Mrs. Scott
108B21833Success of Boldness
109B21834Mary Knight
110B21835Wife of William Gray
111B21836Mrs. Huntington
112B21837Mrs. Biddle
113B21838Kindness of Convicts
114B21839Margaret Prior
115B21840Noble Acts of Kindness
116B21841Wife of Dr. Ramsay
117B21842Margaret Schuyler
118B21843Noble Treatment of Enemies
119B21844Humanity Rewarded
120B21845Margaret Winthrop
121B21846A Pioneer Settler’s Adventure
122B21847Mrs. McKenney
123B21848The Fisherman’s Heroic Wife
124B21849Mrs. James K. Polk
125B21850Widow Jenkins
126B21851Faithful Little Girl
127B21852Hospitality of California Women
128B21853Sarah Lanman Smith
129B21854Mrs. Borden
130B21855Margaret Corbin
131B21856Mrs. Channing
132B21857Commendable Courage
133B21858Heroine of Shell’s Bush
134B21859Father Taylor’s Widowed Friend
135B21860Revolutionary Mother
136B21861Successful Daring
137B21862Worthy Example of Forgiveness
138B21863Crookshanks saved by a Female
139B21864Patriotic Artist
140B21865Temperance Movement Among Mohawk Women
141B21866Female in the Revolutionary Army
142B21867Elizabeth Brant
143B21868Brief Anecdotes
144B21869Miss D. L. Dix


  1. Jesse Clement · Editor


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