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Devotees of Christ: Some Women Pioneers of the Indian Church.

  • India, South Asia
  • missionaries
  • sectarian (religious group)

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1B28527Prophets: Chandra Lila
2B28528Prophets: Pundita Ramabai
3B28529Mothers: Francina Sorabji
4B28530Mothers: Shuruth Mohini Datta
5B28531Mothers: Anna Satthianadhan
6B28532Evangelists: Ellen Lakshmi Goreh
7B28533Evangelists: Johot Mohini Chowdhury
8B28534Evangelists: "Moni"
9B28535Teachers: Monorama Bose
10B28541Teachers: Susie Sorabji
11B28536Teachers: "Without Limit"
12B28537Healers: Kheroth Bose
13B28538Healers: Rose Phailbus
14B28539Healers: "Grace": Medical Missionary
15B28540Night-Lights: Matrons, Bible-women, and others


  1. Dorothea Sibella Batley · Author
  2. Annalice Mary Robinson · Author


  1. London: Church of England Zenana Missionary Society, 1937
  2. London: Church of England Zenana Missionary Society, 1938-59?