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Cyclopaedia of Female Biography: Consisting of Sketches of All Women Who Have Been Distinguished by Great Talents, Strength of Character, Piety, Benevolence, or Moral Virtue of Any Kind; Forming a Complete Record of Womanly Excellence or Ability.

  • good character or deeds
  • Not=encyclopedia

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1B21412Lady Jane Grey
2B21413"Lady W. Russell"
3B21414Hannah More
4B21415Felicia Hemans
5B21416Queen Victoria
6B21417Anna Jameson
7B21418Grace Aguilar
8B21419Sarah Hale
9B21420Elizabeth Ellet
10B21421Agnes Strickland
11B21422Margaret Fuller
12B21423Harriet Martineau
13B21424Sarah Martin
14B21425Ann Judson
15B21426the Maid of Saragossa


  1. Henry Gardiner Adams · Editor


  1. London: Groombridge, 1857
  2. Glasgow: Forrester, Stockwell, 1866
  3. London: Routledge, 1869