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The Heavenly Sisters; or, Biographical Sketches of the Lives of Thirty Eminently Pious Females, Partly Extracted from the Works of Gibbon, Germont, and Others, and Partly Original: Designed for the Use of Females in General, and Particularly Recommended for the Use of Ladies' Schools. To which is Added, a Memoir of Mrs. Abigail, Wife of the Late President Adams, and a Sketch of the Active Life of Mrs. Sarah Hoffman.

  • good character or deeds

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1B10344Lady Jane Grey
2B10345Queen of Navarre
3B10346Lady Vere
4B10347Lady Langham
5B10348Countess of Warwick
6B10349Catherine Bretterg
7B10350Lady Brooke
8B10351Mrs. Schurman
9B10352Princess Elizabeth of the Rhine
10B10353Lady R. Russell
11B10354Mrs. J. Ratcliffe
12B10355Mrs. Ann Baynard
13B10356Queen Mary, consort of William III
14B10357Lady Hastings
15B10358Mrs. Rowe
16B10359Mrs. Darracott
17B10360Mrs. Talbot
18B10361Countess of Huntington
19B10362Mrs. Hannah Woodd
20B10363Lady Glenorchy
21B10364Lady Hope
22B10365Lady Erskine
23B10366Mrs. Legare
24B10367Mrs. Hahn
25B10368Mrs. Dutton
26B10369Mrs. Hamilton
27B10370Lady Burford
28B10371Mrs. Brander
29B10372Mrs. H. Newell
30B10373Mrs. Abigail Adams
31B10374Mrs. Sarah Hoffman
32B10375Katherine Philips
33B10376Frances Boothby
34B10377Margaret, Dutchess of Newcastle
35B10378Anne Killegrew
36B10379Anne, Marchioness of Wharton
37B10380Anne Taylor
38B10381Aphra Behn
39B10382Alicia D’Anvers
40B10383Mary Pix
41B10384Lady Chudleigh
42B10385The Hon. Mary Monk
43B10386Anne, Countess of Winchelsea
44B10387Esther Vanhomrigh
45B10388Lady Rachel Russell
46B10389Susanna Centlivre
47B10390De la Riviere Manly
48B10391Elizabeth Thomas
49B10392Constantia Grierson
50B10393Mary Barber
51B10394Elizabeth Rowe
52B10395Jane Brereton
53B10396Mary Chandler
54B10397Mary Leapor
55B10398Catherine Cockburn
56B10399Letitia Pilkington
57B10400Elizabeth Tollet
58B10401Eliza Haywood
59B10402Lady Henrietta Luxborough
60B10403Henrietta Pennington
61B10404Mary Masters
62B10405Henrietta Madan
63B10406Lady Mary Wortley Mantagu
64B10407Frances Sheridan
65B10408Countess Anna Temple
66B10409Mary Jones
67B10410Frances Brooke
68B10411Lady Henrietta Oneil
69B10412Mary Robinson
70B10413Hesther Chapone
71B10414Georgina, Dutchess of Devonshire
72B10415Elizabeth Carter
73B10416Ann Yearsley
74B10417Charlotte Smith
75B10418Elizabeth Trefusis
76B10419Hannah Cowley
77B10420Anna Seward
78B10421M. Tighe
79B10422Mary Brunton
80B10423Anne Hunter
81B10424Hester Lynch Piozzi
82B10425Ann Radcliffe
83B10426Anna Letitia Barbauld
84B10427Eleanor Anne Franklin
85B10428Lady Anne Barnard
86B10429Jane Elliott
87B10430Hannah More
88B10431Helen Maria Williams
89B10432Joanna Baillie
90B10433Amelia Opie
91B10434Anne Grant
92B10435Mary Russell Mitford
93B10436Felicia Hemans
94B10437L. E. Landon
95B10438The Hon. Gertrude Thimelby


  1. Rev. T. Sharp · Author
  2. John Stanford · Author


  1. New Haven, CT: N. Whiting, 1822