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Eccentric Biography; or, Memoirs of Remarkable Female Characters, Ancient and Modern. Including Actresses, Adventurers, Authoresses, Fortune-Tellers, Gipsies, Dwarfs, Swindlers and Vagrants: Also Many Others who Have Distinguished Themselves by Their Chastity, Dissipation, Intrepidity, Learning, Abstinence, Credulity, &c., &c.: Alphabetically Arranged: Forming a Pleasing Mirror of Reflection to the Female Mind. Ornamented with Portraits of the Most Singular Characters in the Work.

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2B23135Joan of Arc
5B23138Mary Astell
6B23139Polly Baker
7B23140Madame du Barre
8b23140Elizabeth Barton
9B23141Mrs. Aphra Behn
11B23143Phebe Bown
12B23144George Anne Bellamy
13B23145Juliana Berners
14B23146Mary Eleanor Bowes
15B23147Mary Cameron
16B23148Catherina, Countess Dowager of Schwartzburgh
17B23149Catherine I, Empress of Russia
18B23150Catherine II, Empress of Russia
19B23151Anne Catley
20b23152Mrs. Susanna Centlivre
21B23152Mrs. Mary Chandler
22B23153Mademoiselle de la Charce
23B23154Charlotte Charke
24B23413Christina, Queen of Sweden
25B23414Susanna Maria Cibber
26B23415Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt
27B23416Catherine Clive
28B23417Catherine Cockburn
29B23418Mrs. Corbet
30B23419Marie Anne Victorie Charlotte Corde
31B23420Mrs. Cornelly
32B23421Maria Cunitia
33B23422Mrs. Eliza Dalby
34B23423Anne Day
35B23424Chevalier d'Eon
36B23425Countess of Desmond
37B23426Hon. Mrs. C. Dillon
38B23427Widow of Ephesus
39B23428Eusebia, Abbess of St. Saviour at Marseilles, in the 8th Century
40B23429Mary Fisher
41B23430Mary Frith
42B23431Fulvia, the Wife of Mark Anthony
43B23432Mrs. M. A. Goddard
44B23433The Honorable Mrs. Godfrey
45B23434Lady Godiva
46B23435Mrs. Wollstonecraft Godwin
47B23436Constantia Grierson
48B23437Mrs. Hamilton
51B23440Madame des Houlières
52B23441Selina Countess of Huntingdon
53B23442Charlotte Hutton
54B23443Sarah Jennings
55B23444Mrs. Angelica Kaufman
56B23445Dutchess of Kingston
58B23447Margaret Lamburne
59B23448Jane Lane
60B23449Ninon de l'Enclos
61B23451Mrs. Levy
62B23450Mrs. Lloyd
65B23453Nanny Macdaniel
66B23455Susannah Macarny
67B23456Madame de Maintenon
68B23457Henrietta Martial
69B23458Mary, Queen of Scots
70B23459Maupin, La
71B23461Medicis, Catharine de
72B23460Montague, Mrs.


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  1. Worcester, MA: Printed by Isaiah Thomas, 1804
  2. Worcester: I. Thomas, for Homans, Boston, 1805
  3. London: Printed by J. Cundee, sold by T. Hurst, 1803