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Biographium faemineum: The Female Worthies; or, Memoirs of the Most Illustrious Ladies, of All Ages and Nations, who Have Been Eminently Distinguished for Their Magnanimity, Learning, Genius, Virtue, Piety, and Other Excellent Endowments...Containing (Exclusive of Foreigners) the Lives of above Fourscore British Ladies...Collected from History, and the Most Approved Biographers, and Brought Down to the Present Time...

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1B10034Acme, A Jewess
2B10035Adroacomia, Cornelia, a Nun and Poetess
3B10036Andreini, Isabela, A Celebrated Comedian
4B10037Anne, Daughter of Charles I of England
5B10038Anne, Princess of Orange
6B10039Joan of Arc, The French Heroine
7B10040Arete, A Teacher of Philosophy
8B10041Arria, a Roman Lady
9B10042Artemisia, Queen of Caria
10B10043Countess of Arundel
11B10044Margaret Ascham
12B10045Anne Askew
13B10046Mary Astell, an Ingenius Writer
14B10047Athenais, Married to the Emperor Theodosius
15B10048Lady Anna Bacon, Governess to Edward VI
16B10049Juliana Barnes, A Prioress
17B10050Elizabeth Barton, The Holy Maid of Kent
18B10051Anne Bayard
19B10052Margaret Beaufort
20B10053Afra Behn
21B10054Catherine Bernard
22B10055Catherine Bovey
23B10056Antoinette Vourignon
24B10057Countess of Bridwater
25B10058Anne Broadstreet, A Poetess of New England
26B10059Martha Broffier
27B10060Elizabeth Burnet
28B10061Mildred Burleigh
29B10062Bury, Elizabeth, Versed in all the Sciences
30B10063Calphurnia, Pliny’s Wife
31B10064Carolina, Wilhelma Dorothea
32B10065Blanche Castille, Queen of France
33B10066Queen Catherine, Queen of Henry VIII
34B10067Saint Catherine
35B10068Catherine de Medicis, Queen of France
36B10069Catherine, Czarina, consort to Czar Peter
37B10070Susannah Centlivre
38B10071Mary Chandler
39B10072Charixena, A Learned Grecian Lady
40B10073Chelonis, daughter of Leonidas K
41B10074Katherine Chidleigh
42B10075Christina, Queen of Sweden
43B10076Lady Mary Chudleigh
44B10077Rufina Claudia, A British Lady, Celebrated by Martial
45B10078Margaret Clement
49B10082Catherine Cockburn
50B10083Anna Comnena, daughter of the Emperor Comnenus
51B10084Helena Lucretia Cornaro
52B10085Corinna, a Theban Poetess
53B10086Cornelia, mother of the Gracchi
54B10087Lady Cutts
55B10088Anne Dacier
56B10089Damphila, an Associate of Sappho
57B10090Lady Eleanor Davies
58B10091Diotyma, Instructed by Socrates
59B10092Mary Eagle
60B10093Elfeda, Daughter of Alfred the Great
61B10094Queen Elizabeth
62B10095Emma, Mother of St. Edward the Confessor
63B10096Erinna, a Poetess of Teos
64B10097Anne, Dustchess of Estampes
65B10098Eurydice, Wife of Aridaeus K. of Macedeon
66B10099Lady Elizabeth Fane
67B10100Fannia, A Roman Lady
68B10101Fannia, Famous for her Greatness of Soul
69B10102Cassandra Fedele, a Venetian Lady
70B10103Renata, Dutchess of Ferrara
71B10104Francisca, a Famous Devotee
72B10105Fulvia, Wife of Marc Antony
73B10106Eleanora Galligai
74B10107Garnache, Frances de Rohan, a Princess of Franec
75B10108Lady Grace Gethia
76B10109Godiva, Wife of the Duke of Mercia
77B10110Lucretia Gonzaga, an Italian Lady
78B10111Isabella Gonzaga
79B10112Julia Gonzaga
80B10113Mary de Jars Gournay
81B10114Lady Jane Gray
82B10115Constantia Grierson, an Irish Lady
83B10116Gualdrada, a Florentine Lady
84B10117Johanna Maria Bouviers de la Mothe Guyon, a French Lady.
85B20205Anna Halket
86B10118Harriot Eusebia Harcourt
87B10119Lady Elizabeth Hastings
88B10120Flavia Helena, daughter of Coil, King of Britain
89B10121Heloisa, Wife of Abelard
90B10122Helpes, a Sicilian Lady
91B10123Cecilia Heron, Daughter of Sir Thomas More
92B10124Hildegurdis, an Abbes
93B10125Hipparchia, Wife of Crates the Philosopher
94B10126Hippo, Daughter of Chiro the Centaur
95B10127Susanna Hopton
96B10128Hortentia, Daughter of Hortensius the Orator
97B10129Antoinette Houlieres de le Garde
98B10130Lady Mary Howard, Wife of Thomas Duke of Norfolk
99B10131Hypatia, a Teacher of Philosophy
100B10132Jane, Countess of Westmoreland
101B10133Mary Catharine des Jardin
102B10134Esther Inglis, famous for Fine Writing
103B10135Juliana, Anchoret of Norwich
104B10136Margery Kempe
105B10137Katharine Killigrew
106B10138Anne Killigrew
107B10139Margaret Lambrun
108B10140Elizabeth Legge
109B10141Elizabeth Lincoln
110B10142Mary Bruneau Logis, a French Lady
111B10143Jaquiline de Longvic, Dutchess of Montpensier
112B10144Elizabeth Lucar
113B10145Lucretia, a Roman Lady
114B10146Joanna Lumley, Wife of John Lord Lumley
115B10147Madam de Maintenon
116B10148Manto, An Ancient Poetess
117B10149Margaret, Countess of Richmond and Derby
118B10150Margaret, Queen of Henry VI
119B10151Mariamne, Wife of Herod the Great
120B10152Lucretia Marinella
121B10153Queen Mary, daughter of Henry VIII
122B10154Mary of Scotland
123B10155Mary, King William’s Queen
124B10156Lady Damaris Mashain
125B10157Moeroe, a Learned Woman Among the Ancients
126B10158Lady Molesworth, Daughter of Lord Molesworth
127B10159Monimia, Wife of Mithridates
128B10160Mrs. Hon. Monk, Daughter of Lord Molesworth
129B10161Mad. de Montelspan
130B10162Olympia Fulvi Morata
131B10163Musca, a Lyric Potess
132B10164Myra, a Byzantian Elegiac Poetess
133B10165Margaret de Navarre, Queen of Valois
134B10166Jane Navarre, Queen of Albert
135B10167Margaret, Dutchess of Newcastle
136B10168Nicaule, Queen of Sheba
137B10169Nicolstrata, Mother of Evander
138B10170Hon. Mrs. Dudley North, a Daughter of Lord North and Grey
139B10171Lady Frances Norton
140B10172Octavia, Sister to Augustus Caesar
141B10173Dorothy Pakington, Wife of Sir John Pakington
142B10174Pamphila, Famous for Her Writings
143B10175Panthea, Wife of Abradates, King of Susa
144B10176Catherine Parr, Queen of Henry VIII
145B10177Blanch Parry, Maid of Honour to Queen Elizabeth
146B10178Anne de Parthenai
147B10179Catherine de Parthenay
148B10180Mary Sydney Pembroke
149B10181Anne, Countess of Pembroke
150B10182Penelope, Wife of Ulysses
151B10183Perilla, a Roman Lady
152B10184Phemonoe, Priestess of Apollo
153B10185Katherine Phillips, the Famous Orinda
154B10186Philla, One of the Most Illustrious Ladies of Antiquity
155B10187Mrs. Loetitia Pilkington of Ireland
156B10188Pompeia Plotina, Wife of the Emperor Trajan
157B10189Argentaria Polla, Wife of Lucan
158B10190Praxilla, a Sicyonian Dithyrambiv Poetess
159B10191Valeria Falconia Proba
160B10192Catherine, Countess of Ranelagh
161B10193Margaret Roper, Daughter of Sir Thomas More
162B10194Mary Roper, Daughter of Thomas More
163B10195Elizabeth Rowe
164B10196Lady Elizabeth Russel
165B10197Sappho, A Famous Poetess
166B10198Anna Maria Schurman
167B10199Magdeline de Scudery
168B10200Semiramis, Queen of Assyria
169B10201Marie de Savigne
170B10202Anne Seymour
171B10203Arabella Seymour
172B10204Sophronia, a Roman Lady
173B20206Sosipatra of Lydia
174B10205Stella, Dean Swift’s Wife
175B10206Sulpicia, a Roman Lady
176B10207Sulpicia, a Celebrated Poetess
177B10208Suze, Henriette Suze, Countess of Coligni
178B10209Tanaquil, Wife of Tarquinius Priscus
179B10210Renie Taveau
180B10211Telesilla, A Noble Poetess of Argos
181B20208Theano, The Name of Three Poetesses
182B10212Corinna Thomas
183B10213Thymele, A Musical Poetess
184B10214Catherine Tishen, a Great Linguist
185B10215Catherine Trother, a Scots Lady
186B10216Tymicha, A Lacedonian Lady
187B10217Elizabeth Walker
188B10218Elizabeth Jane Weston
189B10219Anna Wharton
190B10220Countess of Winchelsea
191B10221Lady Mary Wroth


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  1. London: Printed for S. Crowder, and J. Payne, 1766