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Memoirs of Several Ladies of Great Britain: Who Have Been Celebrated for Their Writings or Skill in the Learned Languages, Arts and Sciences.

  • learned women
  • national, several periods
  • print era, pre-1830

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1B09962Juliana, Anchoret of Norwich
2B23129Juliana Barnes, Alias Berners
3B09963Margery Kempe
4B09964Margaret Countess of Richmond and Derby
5B09965Queen Catherine
6B09966Elizabeth Lucar
7B09967Margaret Roper
8B09968Anne Askew, Alias Kyme
9B09969Queen Katherine Parr
10B09970Lady Jane Gray
11B09971Lady Elizabeth Fane
12B09972Mary Countess of Arundel
13B09973Lady Joanna Lumley
14B09974Lady Mary Howard
15B09975Queen Mary
16B09976Lady Anne, Lady Margaret, Lady Jane Seymour
17B09977Catherine Tishem
18B09978Jane Countess of Westmorland
19B09979Elizabeth Dancy
20B09980Cecilia Heron
21B09981Margaret Clement
22B09982Mary Roper
23B09983Margaret Ascham
24B09984Mary Queen of Scotland
25B09985Blanch Parry
26B09986Lady Burleigh
27B09987Lady Bacon
28B09988Lady Russel
29B09989Katherine Killigrew
30B09990Queen Elizabeth
31B09991Elizabeth Jane Weston
32B09992Lady Arabella Seymour
33B09993Mary Countess of Pembroke
34B09994Elizabeth Countess of Lincoln
35B09995Esther Inglis
36B09996Lady Eleanor Davies
37B09997Katherine Chidley
38B09998Elizabeth Countess of Bridgwater
39B09999Katherine Philips
40B10000Anne Wharton
41B10001Margaret Dutchess of Newcastle
42B10002Anne Countess of Pempbroke
43B10003Anne Killigrew
44B10004Elizabeth Walker
45B10005Anne Baynard
46B10006Elizabeth Legge
47B10007Lady Gethin
48B10008Lady Halket
49B10009Lady Masham
50B10010Susanna Hopton
51B10011Elizabeth Burnet
52B10012Lady Chudleigh
53B10013Honourable Mrs. Dudleya North
54B10014Elizabeth Bland
55B10015Honourable Mrs. Monk
56B10016Elizabeth Bury
57B10017Anne Countess of Winchelsea
58B10018Lady Norton
59B10019Catherine Bovey
60B10020Mary Astell
61B10021Constantia Grierson


  1. George Ballard · Author
  2. Ruth Perry · Editor


  1. London: Printed for T. Evans, 1775
  2. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1985
  3. Oxford: Printed by W. Jackson, for the author, 1752