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The Lives of Women Saints of Our Contrie England, Also some other lives of holie women written by some of the auncient fathers.

  • early modern, pre-1600
  • saints

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0B28395Some notes before the liues
1B28396The life of St. Helena Empresse
2B28397The life of St. Ursula and her Eleven Thousand Virgins
3B28398The life of St. Keyna
4B28399The life of St. Brigide
5B28400The life of Holie Dympna
6B28401The life of St. Edburge
7B28402The life of St. Eanswide
8B28403The life of St. Ethelburge
9B28404The life of St. Sexburge
10B28405The life of Holie Hilda
11B28417The Life of St. Ermenilde Queene that liued in the yeare: 660
12B28418The Life of St. Werburge daughter to the former Ermenilde
13B28419The Life of St. Milburge Virgin
14B28420The Life of holie Mildrede Virgin, Sister to the former Sainte
15B28421The life of holie Ebba Virgin and Abbesse
16B28422The life of St. Etheldred or Audrie Queene and Virgin
17B28423The life of holie Kinesburge Queene and Abbesse, Kineswide and Tibbe
18B28424Of holie Ethelburge Queene and after a Nonne


  1. Early English Text Society · Editor


  1. London: Trubner, 1886